Publication News, Pantheon, and a Whole Lotta Neglect

I’ve had a few acceptances in the new year that I’m late to mention. First off, I’m very happy to say that one of my favorite stories, “Bridge To Nowhere, Train For The Forgotten” has been selected for Mad Scientist JournaSelfies-Art-plus-textl’s Selfies From The End Of The World anthology. I’m even more thrilled, since I’ll be sharing a TOC with heavy hitters like Caroline Yoachim as well as Roads Brazos. Follow the link for the full TOC.

From Bridge To Nowhere, Train For The Forgotten:

“We hold our breaths when the rabbit inches up to the trap, smelling the rod meant to throttle it, its tan paws stepping gingerly through the snow, inches from the latch. Xandria closes her eyes, her long dirty brown hair—just like her mother’s—cascading down in front of her face, her thick wool cattle blanket draped over her shoulders so she looks like a small, wooly brown rock jutting out from the earth. I can hear her stomach growl from where I crouch, my knees screaming bloody murder.

So can the rabbit, apparently, because it looks in our direction. Must’ve seen something mean and hungry in my eyes, because its ears go up and it’s gone, white tail and long legs leaping through the pines and shrubs.”

Xandria hisses, muddy greenish eyes looking mean…but a little relieved too—the meanness just for show.

Also, recently my science fiction story “Sleep, Eidolon” was selected for Kasma SF and I’m looking forward to seeing it up there and to seeing the artwork that’s accompanying my story.

Lastly, the full TOC has been decided in regards to the Gaia: Shadow & Breath Vol. 2 anthology and we’re currently working through story edits and layout for the finished product. Below are some previews of the artwork that will appear alongside these great fantasy stories:


One thought on “Publication News, Pantheon, and a Whole Lotta Neglect

  1. emilyslaney says:

    Congrats, Matt!
    Love the artwork previews 🙂

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