WAR Has Broken Out


Last year I participated in a very cool 64 participant double elimination writing tournament on LitReactor. It was a bloody affair, and I was ultimately eliminated pretty early on, in the second round (OUCH!) at the hands of some amazing writers.

While I didn’t hang in there long, it resulted in me writing a story that was my first sale (“The Black Spot“, Mad Scientist Journal) and my story was voted the best of the round.

Now WAR has broken out again, this time at a new workshopping site called LitDemon. I’m participating again, and this time, with more experience under my belt, maybe I’ll fight my way a little farther. And if not? Well, I’ll still have at least one new story to shop around. There’s 16 slots left last I checked.

If interested, click the picture, register, and throw your name into the hat. Good luck.


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